HUET OPITO • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training - Including EBS

HUET OPITO • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
including EBS

Course overview
Course aims at training persons flying in a Helicopter, either as crew or as passengers, in Survival Techniques, in case the Helicopter ditching or landing. The course trains the person to survive from the time the Helicopter touches down in water till he/she is rescued by the rescue team.
The course is in Italian and, on request, in English.

Aim and structure
Theoretical and practical training sessions include Sea Survival techniques and Helicopter safety and escape, including the use of Emergency Breathing System.

1 day.

• A valid, current offshore medical certificate; or
• an operator approved medical certificate.

Course contents
• Helicopter Safety & Escape:

- Pre boarding.
- Safe boarding.
- In flight safety.
- Safe disembarkation.
- In flight emergency actions.
- Use of emergency breathing system equipment.
- Practical emergency escape breathing system training.
- Practical emergency ditching/landing and escape training.

Items to bring
Clothing for pool (swimwear, towel and slippers).

On successful getting through the training programme, it’s issued the certificate Helicopter Under Water Escape Training- Emergency Breathing System (HUET), OPITO approved.
Course cod. 5095 - Validity 4 years.

CFO - Via Bonvicini 14, Mezzano (RA) - Italy.