Aircrew Emergency Training

Aircrew Emergency Training
riferimento EASA - AIROPS - Annex III ORO.FC.230

Course overview, aim and structure
To ensure emergency training for aircrew helicopters, including the evacuation from it safely. The aims and objectives of this training makes the flight personnel know and understand the risks and dangers attached to emergencies and the appropriate actions to be taken to ensure the safety of all those on board.
The course is in Italian and, on request, in English.

4 hours.

Possess a valid, current medical certificate.

Course contents
The course focuses on the following elements (theory and practice):
• principles of combustion;
• combustion products;
• types of classes and extinguishing agents;
• behavioural measures;
• features and use of fire extinguisher provided on board;
• evacuation practice in a smoke room;
• exercises with the CO2 extinguisher (Halon alternative);
• fire effects on thehuman;
• immediate First Aid actions;
• suffocation, burns, unconsciousness, respiratory and cardiac arrest;
• techniques and sequences ofBLS;
• sequences of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR andABC);
• exercise with the mannequin.

Items to bring
Identity Card

On successful getting through the training programme, it will be issued the certificate Aircrew emergency training, attending rules EASA - AIR OPS - Annex III ORO.FC.230. 

3 years

CFO - Via Bonvicini 14, Mezzano (RA) - Italy